October 25, 2017

Service Details

Thank you for considering engineers2u.com engineering services. We aim to build long-term relationships with out customers by quickly and effectively servicing your technical business requirements.

For any inquiries, contact us using the form or live chat box on our home page. If the job is large, just leave your phone number and an engineer from our team will contact you.

In discussing your job, ensure you indicate the priority of the task and whether you are requesting a quote or wish to engage our services ASAP. Leave us your phone number for anything that requires more than a simple exchange of emails.

If you have a “micro-task” or phone support request that matches anything our advertising says we do, you can pre-pay us on our payment page and we will start it ASAP after receiving your details.

If you need to send us attachments, email your file(s) to engineers2u@gmail.com or letsgo@engineers2u.com. We prefer that you use our gmail address due to the wide range of email-based tools available there. We suggest combining your attachments into a ZIP file for your convenience.

We will get back to you via email, or by phone (Australia and limited overseas only) upon your request. Communicating via email allows us to remain cost effective and organised. We also have a “chat box” you can use when an Engineer is online and available to address your inquiries.

As per our Privacy Policy, we hold our clients work and intellectual property in the highest regard and will treat them with the strictest confidence. All attachments sent to us will be destroyed when no longer required. The same is true for any work we complete on your behalf.

On average, prepaid tasks are completed within 12-48 hours of first contact, and often sooner depending on our total workload. Larger jobs are attended to according to the availability of our partnered associates.

To make our services cost effective for what we call micro-jobs, we split the first 2 hours of any job into 15 minute intervals, charged at $30. After two hours, we charge at 30 minute intervals at $60 each. Larger projects requiring multiple partners will be costed according to their requirements.

We accept direct deposit, or cash and credit card payments via Paypal. We request an up-front payment of at least $30 for micro-jobs. Larger jobs will require payments as per the quote we have drawn up. Normally they will require an up-front payment and additional payments when significant milestones have been achieved. Customer can also choose to pay total costs up-front.

If appropriate, we will refund any prorated difference at the completion of your job. Alternatively, you can keep any balance as credit towards your next task with us. Large projects will be negotiated with you directly.

Our specialty is significant design projects across multiple engineering disciples, especially mining and computer technology. Whatever your business idea, let us offer streamlined solutions that are reliable and cost effective, provided by partners that have the skills and experience to satisfy your most stringent quality requirements.

Thank you for considering engineers2u.com. We aim to empower your business vision.

Mathias Nagy, Mining Engineer and Principal at engineers2u.com